Secret Agent Cupcake

11:07 PM / Comments (0) / by lapinay

I made this special edition Manikako over at the Manikako shop in Glorietta 4.

At first glance he's just a plain old cupcake with chocolate frosting and a cherry pom-pom on top.

Turn him inside out and he turns into Secret Agent Cupcake!

I made his jacket removable so I can give him more outfits and accessories in the future. I plan to make a vanilla strawberry Secret Agent girl cupcake version this weekend as well. ^__^

Manikako are Do it Yourself dollkits which come with everything you need to create your very own one-of-a-kind doll. For just 200 pesos you can purchase a kit at the Manikako shop or for an additional 150, upgrade to a "workshop" which entitles you to make use of all the materials provided at the shop as well as one on one help with one of the on-site teachers. Alternately, you can opt to have one of the Manikako doll artists create a custom doll for you for a minimum of 300 pesos (the price goes up depending on how elaborate the design of the doll is).

The Manikako shop is located in Glorietta 4, on the 2nd level near Bambu (where the hallway going towards SM used to be located). Manikako will be open until the 30th of March. Grab a Manikako today!!

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